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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. With affiliate marketing earning money from home was never easier and more profitable.

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The advantages of the affiliate marketing business model for the affiliate are quite obvious to anyone.

One of the biggest challenges facing affiliate marketers right now is the need to prove their value as middlemen in the value chain.

A great advantage Smart Aff has over established brands, and one of the greatest opportunities to add value,

is the ability to be agile and act quickly with content marketing. While brands spend months approving their

content strategy and holding fruitless meetings, Smart Aff create content of such a high standard, that competitors

simply won’t have the resources to compete with, and Google would be foolish not to drive traffic to.

In addition to this, when working with a high-paying network, the profit potential is enormous. If approached correctly, this can eventually turn into an almost passive income.

Aside from the obvious advantages of running your own business, being able to work online from anywhere at any time, and having the freedom to choose just how hard you work, there are a few other perks.

Affiliates with a strong social following (also known as influencers) can expect to receive freebies from advertisers looking to boost their brand awareness.

If an affiliate’s website is generic, such as a health and beauty blog, the possibilities are endless: from beauty creams to entire pampering sets,

if you can give a company enough exposure, they will be begging you to trial their products for free!

Best Comissions in the Industry

This is how to Calculate your Commission.

  • Monthly Payment ($24.99)
  • Initial
  • VAT $5.00
  • Payment processing fees $0.75
  • Smart Aff's Share 22%
  • Your total commission (78%) $15.00
  • Sign Up
  • Monthly Payment ($49.99)
  • Ongoing
  • VAT $5.00
  • Payment processing fees $0.75
  • Smart Aff's Share 50%
  • Your total commission (50%) $9.62
  • Sign Up
  • Annual Payment ($150)
  • Annual
  • VAT $30.00
  • Payment processing fees $5.24
  • Smart Aff's Share 50%
  • Your total commission (50%) $57.38
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Smart Aff helped us boost our business with great exposure, and massive traffic

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Smart Aff is an affiliate marketing firm that help individuals and companies to continue generate millions by staying one step ahead of the rest. We bring together online marketers with innovative products and services that change people's lives.

Smart Aff use social media networks, digital billboards, and blog content as our practical techniques. We provide unique and valuable content that sets your company apart from competitors. Building up a strong brand and adding to the company’s integrity is essential to a successful marketing campaign. , Smart Aff helped over 20,000 clients market their products and services to over one billion customers worldwide.

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